Jonathan Schaeffer On Artificial Intelligence and Games

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Dr. Jonathan Schaeffer, Dean of Science at the University of Alberta, speaks on Artificial Intelligence and Games, in the Technology and Future of Medicine course LABMP 590 on April 2nd, 2013, at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Canada.

Table of Contents by Laurie Cat Bennett:

-Intro by Kim Solez
– AI & Games Intro. By Jonathan Schaeffer “I have the worlds greatest job”
– GAMES research group
– What is AI?
– The Computer revolution
– AI & history
– AI is a moving target
– Different architectures–the brain+the computer
– Different solving methods
– Looking under the hood
– What is intelligence
– Chess: Man vs Machine
– Man vs Machine (1997) scorecard
– Crossword puzzles
– Artificial stupidity
– 1. Most visible AI
– Façade game
– Oblivion games
– Oblivion game clip
– 2. Most successful AI
– 3. Most used AI?
– 4. Biggest AI systems?
– 5. Biggest AI investors?
– 6. Cool AI Applications?
– Automated driving
– Serious games
– Home robotics
– Ethical issues
– Do robots have rights?
– Coming soon
– Impediments to AI?
– Conclusion of talk — AICML
– Questions and Discussion

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(Source: Kim Solez)


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