Microsoft’s “Xiaoice” (小冰) – China’s Weather Robot

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China unveils its first ROBOT weather presenter: Microsoft’s Xiaoice has become an instant TV personality.

Translation By Google & JRY

I am glad that I can start my new job on this special day, because today is the winter solstice.” On Tuesday (22nd) morning, Microsoft (Asia) Internet Engineering Institute developed the artificial intelligence robot, “Xiaoice” to appeared for the first time on a television screen for the Shanghai Oriental TV morning News, “Look East,” to broadcast a weather forecast.

This is the emergence of the A. I. robot anchor on television in mainland China.  The official at Taiwan Shanghai Radio and Television said that enabling Xiaoice will not bring on unemployment crisis to the traditional news anchor and weatherman. On the contrary, based on big data and the deep neural network technology, artificial intelligence like Xiaoice could “force” the traditional broadcast host and announcer to elevate their standards.”

The word “human” has become somewhat a jargon for Xiaoice.  When Xiaoice is broadcasting weather, funny sayings such as “Good morning, human beings!” and “Human of the Southern Districts can feel more relax today…” are making the listeners laugh. Xiaoice is also particularly sensitive to smog and haze, it would complain that there would be “a little sore throat” after warning about the smog.

Microsoft revealed that for Xiaoice’s weather channel debut, three major technical difficulties were overcome. Firstly, breakthrough in artificial speech synthesis technology enables the naturalness of Xiaoice’s voice to reach 4.32 points (out of 5), becoming the industry’s closest A. I. to sound like human voice. Secondly, Xiaoice’s ability to calculate weather conditions is based on utilizing the “artificial intelligent cloud” technology and big data to achieve deep learning and structured weather big data that further interacts with the broadcast station in real-time. Lastly, by employing the “emotional computing” framework from Microsoft, Xiaoice can provide real-time weather data reviews with its unique emotional evaluation style, ultimately providing an analysis and presentation that has a balanced level of IQ and EQ .

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